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THB research institute is the national certified enterprise technology center, which includes five branch engineering research centers of connectors, auto electronics, auto electrical theory system, wiring harness, and harness equipment. And which includes the postdoctoral scientific research workstation, the automotive electrical and electronics engineering technology research center of Henan province, the automotive electronic engineering technology research center of Henan province, and the engineering laboratory of Henan province.
Innovative research group: Research institute has hundreds of researchers including lots of the famous experts of the auto parts industry coming from all over the world, PhD, master, and the professional engineers who have more than ten-year experience in product designing and development.
Synchronous and from begin to end designing & developing: with the same developing software of the automotive company, we not only design the harness synchronously for the automotive company, but also we can design the fuse box, connector, rubber parts, ribbon, and including automotive electric architecture designing, 3D harness designing from begin to end.
Originally self-developing: with the top ranking designing software. The connector, fuse and relay electronic box, harness, harness equipment, crimping tool, electronics, and the parts of new energy vehicles can be originally self-developed. And it is blended in the TRIZ (theory of inventive problem solving) idea, which is leading the trend of the auto part industry.
Design verification: the designing preverification is carried out by the CAE simulation software and 3D print rapid prototyping before the product being manufactured.
New technology: The new technology was created by combining the professor theory with the engineer experience. Lots of new products, such as the 064 connector, the laser double material connector, the FAKRA radio frequency coaxial connector, the high voltage connector, the high voltage fuse box, the intellectual fuse box, the high voltage harness, the Aluminum battery harness, the 0.13 mm2 high strength cable, the auto-equipment and tool of manufacturing harness, the center of the multi cable crimping and inserting and assembling, the head lamp regulator, the rearview mirror folder, the control module of LED head lamp, and the e-BCM have been successfully developed . And they promoted the developing of the auto part industry.
Research output: we have undertaken several industrialization projects of Ministry of Science and Technology and provincial scientific and technological projects. Lots of Henan province awards for scientific and technological advancement were obtained by us. We have hundreds of the authorized invention patents and utility patents. And ten standards of Chinese automobile parts have been drafted by us.

THB Research Institute: Pingtang Zhao, Rongxi Wang, Dechao Hu, Qiang Wei, Jincan Kang

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