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The on-board Wireless Charging Module for Mobile Phone

Source Author [2020/6/2]

  • Product Presentation

The on-board wireless charging module is a small power wireless charging device based on the wireless energy transmission technology to realize wireless charging of mobile phones on the vehicle. The on-board wireless charging module of THB Corporation adopts electromagnetic induction technology and follows the standard of Qi wireless charging.

  • Product Characteristics

- Easy to use, contacting with it can be achieved charging.
- The service life is longer than wired charging mode.
- Follow Qi standard, and it is universal strongly .
- It transmits electric energy by electromagnetic coupling mode ,and it is with high security.
- High degree of intelligence, supporting data interaction when charging at the same time.

  • Product Performance

Performance Indicators

Parameter Scope

Transmission efficiency

Max. 70%

The input voltage

6~16V DC

The output power

Up to 15W

Working frequency

108 ~ 205 kHz

Communication protocol


Output current control

Closed-loop PID control

Safety function

Fault protection and foreign body diagnosis

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