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High Voltage Diagnostic Module

Source Author [2020/6/2]

  • Product Presentation

      High voltage diagnostic module (HVDM) is the electronic part of the products as Power Distribution Unit (PDU). Its function is to diagnose and monitor the fault of the relay and high voltage circuit in the high voltage distribution box/ Power Distribution Unit (PDU), and send the voltage information and fault information to the whole vehicle network through the CAN communication.

  • Product Function

   - Do voltage monitoring of DC charging circuit.
- Check the status and fault of the main charge relay.
- Support the CAN communication.
- Support the Bootloader.

  • Product Performance

Performance Indicators

Parameter Scope

Normal operating voltage range (Low voltage)

9V ~ 16V

Normal operating voltage range (High voltage)

450V ~ 600V DC

Voltage strength rating

AC 2500V1min

Operating temperature range

-40 ~ 85

Storage temperature range

-40 ~ 90

The static current

< 500 A

The maximum operating current

< 1 A

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