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Tianhai Group held the Flag-raising ceremony to celebrate the 51st anniversary

Source£º Author£º [2020/7/6]

On June 28, Tianhai Group held a flag-raising ceremony to celebrate the 51st anniversary of its establishment. Zhang Jingtang, chairman of Tianhai Group, Yang Yongjun, Secretary of party Committee and vice chairman of Tianhai Group, shareholders, directors, supervisors£¬senior management and more than 200 staffs attended the meeting.

Chairman Zhang Jingtang delivered the speech


Chairman Zhang Jingtang pointed out that in the 51st year of development of Tianhai Group, numerous Tianhai people have carried forward the Tianhai spirit, overcome numerous difficulties and made today's brilliant achievements.

Tianhai Group has gone through 51 years of ups and downs, through the efforts of generations of Tianhai staff, Tianhai Group has developed from 11 employees to 11,000 employees now. From a small street factory to the current global corporation with more than 20 subsidiaries of multinational companies£¬Now it has become one of the leading enterprise of auto parts in China and a leading enterprise of auto electronics and appliances in China. It has a national accreditation Technology center, a national accreditation laboratory, and a postdoctoral research station. It has led or participated in the drafting of 10 national or automotive industry standards. Tianhai staff will go ahead with diligence and make brilliant achievements.

In the face of the changes in the new business format, the chairman made a detailed analysis from five aspects£¬first£¬the automobile industry is in sharp decline, second£¬domestic automobile enterprises are polarized, third£¬the proportion of national brands is decreasing, fourth£¬the market of new energy automobiles is changing, fifth£¬the trend of De-sinicization is getting severe. Under the change of new business forms, Tianhai Group has facing both the difficulties brought by coVID-19 and the opportunities from it. The current focus of Tianhai Group is to resolve the crisis and seize the opportunities.

For the next step of work, the chairman emphasizes: "based on profession to innovate and develop", grasp development orientation and seize opportunities, marketing development should changing from, "search for growth from increment", into "enlarge the stock market share", develop the new market selectively and focus on our main business, leading the THB Group become bigger and stronger.

The chairman require all the staff continue to carry forward the tianhai spirit and strive to realize the Tianhai dream.

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