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Tianhai Group held the National Day flag-raising ceremony

Source Author [2020/10/14]

On October 9th, Tianhai Group held the flag-raising ceremony to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and wished the motherland peace, family reunion and bright future of Tianhai.

Zhang Jingtang, Chairman of Tianhai Group, Yang Yongjun, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of the Group, Zhang Ying, CEO of the Group, with other leaders and more than 300 employees attended.  

Zhang Jingtang, Chairman of Tianhai Group delivered speech

Market development took the initiative and made breakthroughs in several major projects. Domestic business increased significantly year on year, and profitability improved significantly. Tianhai Group won periodic victories in the battle against epidemic prevention and control, and won the battle against economic development.

Deploy for the next phase of work. The chairman emphasized: First, promote "sales", actively seize the market, ensure supply and expand sales; Second, insist the goal of 2020 and hand over a satisfactory answer for 2020; Third, prevent and strictly guard against risks in safety, capital, receivables, inventory, research and development, and quality; Fourth, plan to meet the severe test of the new development stage of the 14th Five-Year Plan. With the deepening of the four modernizations of the automobile industry, Tianhai should keep up with the high-end technology and occupy the forefront of technology.

We shoulder a heavy responsibility. Tianhai people must continue to carry forward the Tianhai spirit of "unity, cooperation, hard work and innovation", unite and revitalize Tianhai, and strive for a better tomorrow of Tianhai!

To summarize the previous work. The chairman pointed out that 2020 is an extraordinary year, and all the staff in Tianhai are united in fighting the epidemic, focusing on prevention and control of the epidemic, and resuming work and resuming production. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Group immediately set up an emergency response team for epidemic prevention and control with Secretary Yang Yongjun as the chief commander, with seven working groups, which cleared the channels of people flow and logistics, and became the first batch of enterprises to resume work and resume production in Hebi City, which effectively guaranteed production and sales.
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