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ZKW visited THB

Source Author [2018/7/27]

Juergen Kilnbeck, purchasing manager of ZKW, and Yao Hongyi,?purchasing enigneer responsible for Asian-pacific region, visited THB on July 16, accompanied by Zhang Ying, CEO of THB, Wei Peimin, GM of electronic business, and Chen Shouhui, Vice-GM of electronic business and Shen Yao from Shanghai R&D center of THB.
During the meeting,the visiting guests were briefed by CEO Zhang on information of THB including history, business,market distribution,R&D ability, production capacity, quality control and future development. Shenyao introduced the products of electronic business and the progress and trend of development of ZKW project. The visitng guest, Juergen Kilnbeck introduced the information of ZKW. And then , the parties made in-depth discussion on the current business cooperation and future development. After the meeting, the visiting guests visited the exhibition hall, testing center, plants successively accompanied by GM Wei, Vice-GM Chen and LiQiang from quality department of THB. During the visit, General Wei mainly introduced about the information of R&D and matching of headlamp regulator, steering motor, rearview mirror folder.
After the visit, Juergen Kilnbeck spoke highly of R&D ability, scale of production, plant managemnet and development of THB, also would provide strong support for the projects which carried out by the parties and invited CEO Zhang and GM Wei to visite their European headquaters.
(Note: ZKW is the world class auto lighting systerm company which invested by Austria ZIZALALichtsysteme GmbH. And ZKW Group, founded in 1938, is a world leading manufacture and tier one suppiler of innovative auto lighting systerm.)
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