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Director of standing committee of Hebi municipal congress paid a inspection visit to THB

Source Author [2018/7/27]

Gui Yuqiang, chairman of Hebi people's congress standing committee, arrived at the staff canteen of THB to inspect food safety along with Yuyan, member of standing committee of Hebi municipal congress, member of party leadership group of the government of Hebi, minister of Hebi municipal publicity department, and the vice chairmen of?Hebi peoples congress standing committee, Bu Zhendong, Guo Wentao and Zhang Aifang, accompanied by Zhang JingTang, chairman of THB on July 12th. During their inspection, Gui Yuqiang and three other officials mainly focused on the key process including material purchasing, processing and sample testing.
The canteen management has always strictly abided by stringent specification on food safety considering benifits of all the staff other than profits. There is a whole set of operation specification about all the process including material purchasing, processing, cold storaging and sample testing, which can make all the staff trust the safety and quality of the food.
Gui pointed out that the state had attached greater improtance to food safety?with more prowerful cry for food safety from the public and increasing self-protection awareness of peoples. He also stressed that enterprises must enhance their sense of responsibility to gurantee the safety of the food and drug for making themselves stronger and more competitive. Meanwhile, relative departments must strengthen their supervision of food and drug and improve their professional and technical support ability to make governance ability modernization by using technical equipment for efficent supervison.?
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