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Human Resource
Talents Strategy

The Corporation devotes itself to construct international Human Resource Team. We have established "Talents priority development?Strategy Situation, designed & implemented competitive salary benefit and "electing, Accepting, Cultivating, Saving"Talents Development Mode with THB characteristic in order to attract excellent talents, thus supporting Intellectual Cost for our Corporation sustainable development.
The Group enforces constructing Talents Project 211, insists applying Internal Training and External Introduction Principle with the equal importance. It is supposed to built a talents teams of optimized frameworks, rational layout and good quality including 20 high level core talents, 200 talents with mater degree & above or chief position title and 1000 bachelor degree or high technical ability talents by 2015.And, it can lay the talents foundation for THB Group to realize its desirability/vision on being the world's leading Automobile Electronic Appliances System supplier.

The Corporation Talents Planning is:

By 2013, among the executives including corporation V.P.(Vice president) and above, 80% are provided with post-graduated degree; by 2014,among administration personnel in director level,60% achieved post-graduated degree, 50% mater fluent English, 1/3 have overseas work background,50% research technicists of core level should have post-graduated degree; by 2015,the
Chief Administration layers from Subsidiary company enjoys 100 million sales revenue above also should be equipped with the post-graduated degree above.


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