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Tianhai concept
  • Company Mission: To create value, sharing good life
    To innovate technology in the field of automotive electronic and electrical systems, creating better value for customers.
    To create value for employees, suppliers, shareholders, and the society.
    Provide professional development and create peace, health, happiness for Tianhai people.
  • Company vision: To create an international brand, becoming world-class enterprise
    Positioning: The world's leading supplier of automotive electronic and electrical systems.
    The Tianhai brand has been continuously upgraded through 6 aspects: product quality, technological innovation, business scale, services, corporate culture and social responsibility.
  • Tianhai Spirit: Unity, Cooperation, Struggle and Innovation
    Honesty, Friendship, Devotion, Passion and Innovation
    communication, cooperation, sharing, and improvement.
    Respect technology, respect talent, and give priority to talent.
    Create first-class performance with innovative spirit: first-class products, first-class talents, first-class management, and first-class benefits.
    Tianhai spirit is the core value of Tianhai people.
  • Company strategy: Improve core competitiveness, Advance into the high-end mainstream market.
    Core Competence: THB brand, platform and ability to develop systems, teamwork and innovation.
    Business philosophy: Creating, Harmony, Credit and Win-win
  • Company personnel philosophy: Talent oriented, Strivers as fundamental
    Talent strategy: Talents are prioritized, training and introduction are equally important.
    Talent management: "334",3 constructions, 3 systems, 4 major mechanisms.
  • R&D concept: Establishing independent innovation system, Simultaneous research and development with the OEM
    Market-oriented, simultaneous development with the OEM, the establishment of independent innovation system and rapid-response mechanism, to control product quality and cost from the beginning-design .
  • Quality Policy: Illustriousness: Exceeding customers expectations.
    We work diligently and industriously to achieve perfection in all aspects.
  • Service concept: Sincere, thoughtful, professional, efficient
  • Corporate style: speed, passion, pragmatic, strict
    "Sun Tzu's Art of War": "Defy disease of water, float stone person, even tendency." In the 21st century, the era of speed has arrived.


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