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Tianhai Group was honored as "China's New Energy & Intelligent Connected Automobile Core Components - Excellent Enterprise of High Voltage System"

Release Date:13/01/2023

On January 12, 2023, the 2022 Automobile Electrification and Electronic Control Industry Alliance, the International Society of Automaton Engineers (SAE International), China National Machinery International Cooperation Co., Ltd. and Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The International Forum on Intelligent Technology was grandly held in Shanghai. Tianhai Group was invited to participate in the meeting and won the honor of "China New Energy & Intelligent Connected Vehicle Core Components - Excellent Enterprise of High Voltage System".

This forum invites industry leaders, experts and scholars from all over the world to conduct in-depth discussions on key technical topics of powertrain such as future technological innovation, vehicle electrification, intelligence and power diversification technology development trends, integrated control, etc. Excellent companies, technologies and figures in the energy and intelligent network industry, new energy and intelligent network industry are promoted to the public.


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At the same time as the forum, the 2022 New Energy & Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry Awards Ceremony was held, and Tianhai Group was honored as "China's New Energy & Intelligent Connected Vehicle Core Components - Excellent Enterprise of High Voltage System". 


SAE International (International Society of Automatic Machine Engineers), as a global technical society, is committed to promoting the development of knowledge and solutions in the mobile travel and transportation industries. document cited. Through the SAE authoritative platform, Tianhai Group actively shares information and exchanges technology with the upstream and downstream industries, and jointly promotes the innovative development and standard upgrading in the field of new energy vehicles and intelligent network technology.



Tianhai Group is a powerful research and production enterprise of automotive connectors and a research and development and production enterprise of emerging automotive electronic products. It is a leading enterprise of auto parts (connectors) in China. Under the development trend of the "new four modernizations" of automobiles, Tianhai Group is firmly grasping cutting-edge technologies and accelerating the layout of new products. In 2022, the proportion of new energy business has reached 42%, and the first-mover advantage is obvious.


In the future, Tianhai Group will continue to give full play to the technology and market advantages of auto parts, accelerate the development and application of key parts and systems for intelligent networked vehicles, and continuously improve its independent innovation capabilities and core competitiveness. At the same time, Tianhai Group will actively assume more social responsibilities, highlight corporate responsibility, follow the development trend of new energy for vehicles and intelligent network connection, and contribute continuous momentum to boosting the development of the industry .