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Powerful alliance, hand in hand ‖ Tianhai Group and BASF signed a memorandum of cooperation

Release Date:17/03/2023

On March 13, 2023, Tianhai Group signed a memorandum of cooperation with BASF, an internationally renowned chemical company. Long Zhiqiang, vice president of BASF and head of transportation business of Performance Materials Department of BASF in Asia Pacific region, Huang Yi, senior director of transportation business management of performance materials of BASF in Greater China region, Liu Yinghao, director of polyurethane R&D of performance materials of BASF in Asia Pacific region and other experts and leaders, and chairman of Tianhai Group Dong Ligang, President of Tianhai Group Guo Desui, Vice President of Tianhai Group Guo Liquan and other relevant persons in charge attended the signing ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Guo Desui, President of Tianhai Group.


BASF has expertise in the development, manufacture and commercialization of chemical materials, especially polyurethanes, polyamides and polybutylene terephthalate for a wide range of automotive applications. Tianhai Group, as a leading enterprise in the field of automotive electronics for more than 40 years,  has carried out strategic cooperation with BASF on the application of new chemical materials in the field of automotive electronics in order to further promote high-quality business development.

At the meeting, Li Hui, assistant of Tianhai Research Institute and vice president of Industry Research Institute, introduced the overall situation of Tianhai Group to the on-site experts and leaders. Han Yanchun, Distributor Management Sales Manager of BASF Performance Materials in China, introduced BASF's global layout and main business segments, shared BASF's business philosophy and the construction of a new integrated base in Zhanjiang.

Witnessed by experts and leaders on site, Long Zhiqiang, vice president of BASF and Dong Ligang, Chairman of Tianhai Group, signed a cooperation memorandum. Huang Yi, Senior Director of Performance Materials Transportation Business Management of BASF in Greater China, Liu Yinghao, Director of Performance Materials Polyurethane R&D of BASF in Asia Pacific, Guo Desui, President of Tianhai Group, and Guo Liquan, Vice President of Tianhai Group, Witnessed the signing by two sides.

Chairman Dong Ligang extended a warm welcome to BASF Long Zhiqiang and his delegation. He pointed out that since 2007, Tianhai and BASF have carried out business cooperation in connector engineering plastics, and the two sides have established a good partnership. Chairman Dong Ligang said that the signing of the memorandum of cooperation is the beginning of both parties holding their own strengths and jointly exploring new applications of new materials in the field of automotive electronics. Tianhai Group has established a complete new technology pre-research and industrial application mechanism, and cooperates with BASF to carry out forward-looking technology research, explore high- potential new tracks, accelerate integration with the global auto market, and provide high-quality products for the Chinese auto industry and global customers. Services and Products.

BASF Long Zhiqiang said in his speech that with the development of new energy vehicles, the rapid growth of the automotive electronics market presents a new format. As a global leader in automotive material solutions, BASF expects to achieve more innovative breakthroughs in the automotive electronics industry. BASF has an extensive product portfolio in high-performance materials and a global R&D and production network that can quickly respond to customized innovation needs of customers. Long Zhiqiang said that this signing will further expand the areas of cooperation between BASF and Tianhai, and push the cooperation between the two parties to a new height.

Afterwards, the participating experts and leaders conducted exchanges and discussions on matters related to cooperation.