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Hebi Zhenghua: The gold plating production line was successfully put into trial production, and the process improvement boosted the business upgrade

Release Date:12/05/2023

On the afternoon of May 10, 2023, the start-up and trial production ceremony of the first gold-plated production line of Hebi Zhenghua, a holding subsidiary of THB, was grandly held, Wang Wulin, director of the Management Committee of Mushan Park in Shancheng District, Guo Liquan, vice president of Tianhai Group and general manager of electronic and electrical business system, Chang Chaohe, director of Hebi Zhenghua, and Chen Xusheng, general manager, attended the ceremony on site to witness the first gold-plated product off the production line. The successful trial production of the gold-plating production line is a milestone in the development history of Hebi Zhenghua and will further enhance the vertical integration capability of THB Group.

At 15:18 in the afternoon of the same day, as Chang Chaohe, director of Hebi Zhenghua, pressed the start button of the production line, the gold plating production line of Hebi Zhenghua was officially started for trial production. After 40 minutes of debugging and production, Hebi Zhenghua's first gold-plated product was successfully rolled off the production line. This indicates that Hebi Zhenghua has the production capacity of precious metal electroplating, the types of conventional electroplating business are basically complete, and the supporting capacity of customers has been improved.


Chang Chaohe, director of Hebi Zhenghua, pressed the start button

Gold has extremely high corrosion resistance and stability, as well as good electrical and thermal conductivity, and gold-plated products are also widely used in the field of industrial products. As an enterprise specializing in the surface treatment of electronic and electrical appliances, Hebi Zhenghua seizes the opportunity of the precious metal electroplating market and builds a high-standard gold plating production line to meet the needs of the market and customers for advanced gold plating surface treatment technology.


Supporting equipment for gold-plating production line

The project was launched in October 2022, after preliminary technical demonstration, process testing, scheme demonstration, and comprehensive evaluation, with the automation and intelligence of the production line as the construction demand, Hebi Zhenghua and the supplier jointly developed a series of advanced equipment to build the first gold-plating production line in northern Henan.


Hebi Zhenghua factory

Guo Liquan, vice president of Tianhai Group and general manager of electronic and electrical systems, said that the successful trial production of the gold plating production line is only the first step of the "long march", and the next stage is to adjust the electroplating parameters and inspection standards in real time according to the customer's product requirements to meet the customer's requirements. Vice President Guo Liquan proposed that first, we should listen to the opinions of customers, think about what customers think, and be anxious about what customers are anxious about, so as to win the trust and support of more customers; second, we should promote the production line to test as soon as possible and strive to enter the mass production stage as soon as possible.


The vice president of THB observed the scene and put forward requirements

Hebi Zhenghua Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Tianhai Group, which belongs to the electronic and electrical business system, specializing in automotive precision connectors, automotive electronic surface treatment, as well as electronic appliances, hardware products electroplating, electrophoresis and other surface treatment business, with advanced water treatment equipment and testing and inspection equipment. In the future, Hebi Zhenghua will continue to give full play to its technological and market advantages, accelerate the development and application of intelligent electroplating seeds, continuously improve its independent innovation capabilities and business development capabilities, provide customers with high-quality products and services, and help the Group become a world-class supplier of automotive electronic and electrical systems.