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THB Group reached a tripartite cooperation agreement with NIO and Hefei University of Technology

Release Date:18/03/2024

On March 14, 2024, NIO, Hefei University of Technology, and THB Group reached a tripartite cooperation agreement to conduct research on new technologies and applications in the field of electronic and electrical appliances under the new automotive electronic and electrical architecture. The signing ceremony and technical seminar was held at the headquarters of THB Group, and experts and leaders such as Hu Daoyuan, Wang Chong, Wang Changchun, Li Jianjian of NIO, Zhu Rensheng of Hefei University of Technology (hereinafter referred to as "Hegong University"), Guo Desui, Ma Liang, Li Hui and other experts and leaders of THB Group attended the ceremony.

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Guo Desui, President of THB Group, delivered a speech. He said that since its establishment, the Industrial Research Institute has actively carried out in-depth cooperation with universities, scientific research institutes, and upstream and downstream partners, and constantly improved the innovation chain of "demand-driven and solution innovation". He wished that the Industrial Research Institute could establish in-depth and all-round cooperation with NIO and Hegong University, explore new technologies and applications, promote the deep integration of industry, university and research, accelerate the cultivation of new quality productivity, and stimulate development momentum.


Guo Desui, President of THB Group, delivered a speech

At the meeting, Li Hui of THB Industry Research Institute reported on the tripartite cooperation project and introduced in detail the phased results of the current research project of the Industrial Research Institute. He said that through the cooperation with NIO and Hegong University, the platform advantages of the Industrial Research Institute will be further enhanced, which is conducive to the continuous expansion and deepening of subject research.


Li Hui, vice president of Tianhai Group Industrial Research Institute, introduced the project Witnessed by the experts and leaders present, Li Jianjian, a senior expert of NIO, Zhu Rensheng, a professor of Hegong University, and Li Hui, vice president of THB Group Industrial Research Institute, took the stage to sign a tripartite cooperation agreement. Hu Daoyuan and Wang Chong of Weilai Automobile, Guo Desui, President of THB Group, and Ma Liang, General Manager of THB Global, took the stage to sign.


Hu Daoyuan of NIO said at the meeting that THB is a vital partner of NIO, and this cooperation is just the beginning. He emphasized that adhering to the concept of "benefiting important partners who grow together with NIO", NIO will continue to focus on advanced technologies that can be implemented, transformed, and sustainable, and work with all parties to achieve win-win development.


The director of the electrical engineering department of NIO delivered a speech

At the technical seminar, Wang Chong of NIO shared the development trend of automotive electronic and electrical technology, and the participating experts exchanged views on the pre-research and development needs of new technologies in the field of electronic and electrical appliances under the new electronic and electrical architecture. Professor Zhu Rensheng of Hegong University introduced the team's resume and the research ideas and preliminary research plan of this cooperation project in detail. Wang Ruizhi of THB Group shared new products and technologies of THB parts. In recent years, THB Group has continuously improved its product series, and has made rapid progress in high-speed transmission, key function connection, product miniaturization and lightweight, and can provide customers with one-stop procurement services.


Sharing of technical topics

In the face of the rapid changes of the "New Four Modernizations" in the automotive industry, we will continue to strengthen and enrich the cooperation and coordination dimensions of "production", "learning" and "research", which is in line with the current development trend. THB  Group will continue to uphold the concept of open cooperation, strengthen industry-university-research cooperation and ecological construction, and work together to bring better driving experience to automobile consumers and help wonderful travel!